What’s new in The happiness habits transformation: second edition?

“I knew I couldn’t be the only one who was struggling…”

Imagine feeling happier every day. Imagine feeling in control of and confident with your life. Imagine living the sort of life where you can turn those big goals, that scare you, into big accomplishments.

In The Happiness Habits Transformation: Second Edition author, podcaster, and former life coach Michelle Reeves once again shares her eight Happiness Habits whilst expanding on them with real-life stories from women who have found success using the book. In addition, this new and updated version sees Michelle explain how the Happiness Habits continue to support her as she navigates a new chapter in her life through perimenopause and beyond.

Revisiting The Happiness Habits Transformation feels natural for Michelle. The former life coach wrote the original manuscript at a different stage of her life and, a few years removed from the original publication, found herself using the habits in a new context. “I had no idea at the time that a bucket-load of things would hit me simultaneously three years later,” says Michelle. “Fast forward to 2021 and I was reeling from the Covid pandemic, homeschooling two kids while working two businesses, my Mother’s stroke and other behind-the-scenes family issues… and becoming perimenopausal.”

Michelle says that she felt like she was back at square one. “I felt lost, overwhelmed and a fraud for not being able to cope”, the author explains. “I knew I couldn’t be the only one who was struggling so I decided to write a brand new chapter” — a move that, in hindsight, appears to be both literal and metaphorical. Bringing this new chapter — primarily focused on perimenopause — to fruition was not a solo effort, however. “I’m so incredibly grateful to have the wisdom and expertise of menopause specialists Dr Shashi Prasad and Lauren Chiren who contributed to this chapter too,” the author is quick to point out.

Embarking on yet another journey of self-discovery, fuelled by both her experiences in life and in working on The Happiness Habits Transformation: Second Edition, Michelle now feels reinvigorated.

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— Dr Juliet McGrattan (Health Expert and author of ‘Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health’)

As Michelle continued to work on what would eventually become The Happiness Habits Transformation: Second Edition, she wanted to include the real-life experiences of women who had found happiness and success with the original book. Reaching out to readers was an eye-opening experience for the author. “It was so inspiring to hear how others have used these happiness habits to transform THEIR lives,” says Michelle. These case studies build on the foundations Michelle laid in the book’s first edition and these women are living proof that Michelle’s words, when put into practice, can and do work. “I can’t wait to share them with everyone!”

Asked what Michelle hopes for The Happiness Habits Transformation: Second Edition, she says: “My goal is that readers who are new to The Happiness Habits Transformation will discover how they can create a simple routine with time to focus on them, releasing themselves from the habit of negativity, boosting their self-esteem and dreaming and planning out their biggest and most exciting goals.”

In addition to this Michelle is excited to share with readers, both new and returning, the story of how she has made the Happiness Habits work for her as she navigates perimenopause: “I also hope that by sharing in this new edition how I’ve adapted the happiness habits that continue to support me through perimenopause, it helps other women who might be in the same place, navigating the shifting priorities and challenging changes that happen in our bodies and minds as we enter this new life stage.”

The Happiness Habits Transformation: Second Edition is available to pre-order here. The book will be published in paperback and digital on January 26th.

About The Happiness Habits Transformation: Second Edition

In The Happiness Habits Transformation, former life coach Michelle Reeves urges us to take a time-out (without feeling guilty about it) to rebuild our daily routine into one that serves us – one habit at a time. Through her personal experience of depression and how she rebuilt her life through a combination of 8 simple happiness habits, you’ll discover how you can create a simple routine with time to focus on YOU, release yourself from the habit of negativity, boost your self-esteem and dream and plan out your biggest, scariest and most exciting goals.

New for the second edition: Michelle explains how these habits continue to support her as she navigates a new season of her life through perimenopause and beyond, and shares success stories from others who have woven the habits into their own routines.

About Michelle reeves

In 2008 Michelle Reeves left behind corporate life in the UK and moved to China for four years where her life fell apart. A traumatic birth and treatment for post-natal depression left her broken and searching for a way back to her former self. Over time and through the combination of 8 Happiness Habits she went from functioning to flourishing, including running her own life coaching practice for over six years. Michelle lives in the East of England, UK, with her husband, two children, and two crazy rescue cats: Bella and Ziggy. Find out more about Michelle at michellereeveswrites.com.

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